7 Top Tips To Improve Your CV 

Your CV is the first point of contact with a potential employer, and is the first opportunity to sell yourself and your skills. It is the first impression that an employer will get of you – meaning that you need to make this chance count. 

Whether you’re looking to write a CV from scratch, or feel it needs improvements, here are our tips on how to improve your CV to help you secure your desired job. 

Tips to Strengthen Your CV 

  1. Readable Layout – First and foremost, your CV needs to be readable and professional. It is recommended to keep it to 2 A4 pages maximum, otherwise employers may not read it all 
  2. Highlight your skills, achievements and experience – Your CV is the perfect place to talk about yourself and put your achievements into the spotlight. Don’t be afraid to advertise yourself!  
  3. Be Truthful – Always ensure that you tell the truth, and don’t invent experiences or skills that you don’t have. Chances are that you will be asked about your CV in the following interview, so it’s always best to be honest 
  4. Tailor your CV – It is important that for every job that you apply for, you tailor your CV to the skills that they want to see. Always read the job vacancy and try to include things in your CV that would make you perfect for that job role 
  5. Include Life Experiences – This can be just as relevant as job experience when it comes to key skills, for example project management, communication skills and budgeting could be included in your CV 
  6. Include A Personal Statement – Adding a Personal Statement at the top of your CV to explain why you are the best person for the job will grab the employers attention and allows them to identify how your skills relate to the job. 
  7. Proofread – Lastly, always ensure that you proofread your CV for any spelling or grammatical errors, and you can also get family or friends to read over it too 

Your CV should always be kept up-to-date, so remember to record anything on here that may be significant to your career. 

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