Man laughing wearing a suit sat opposite interviewers

A 4 Tip Checklist for a Successful Interview 

Making a good first impression in interviews is key, as this is likely the first time that the employer has met you and will help them to form an opinion of you. Interviewing is a skill that needs to be practised, but the more you prepare, the better you will do. 

We’ve put together our top 4 Interview tips that will help you to impress the interviewer. 

Our Interview Tips 

1. First Impressions Count 

This is a very important aspect of the interview process, and what you do in the first few minutes will set the stage for the rest of the interview. Always remember to dress smartly, make eye contact with the interviewers and give a firm handshake. 

2. Be Prepared 

Always prepare for your interview, as although it is often overlooked, it can be the difference between securing or not securing the job. Make sure you know your CV inside out, and also practise some questions that the interviewer may ask. You can even try practising this with somebody at home, to help you to gain confidence. 

3. Know the Company 

Going hand in hand with being prepared, you should also have some background knowledge on the company that you are going to. Make sure you know the basics of the business, as this will impress the interviewer and will also help you to see how your role fits into the company. 

4. Be Confident 

Interviews can sometimes be nerve-wracking, but coming across confident helps you to maintain good eye contact and maintaining a good posture – both of which go towards a successful interview. If you try acting confident, you will eventually feel confident, so give it a go! 

If you follow these tips then you are well on your way to a successful interview. If you feel like you need more support, we offer a number of free services and training courses to boost your employability. Contact our friendly team now to find out more.