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Benefits of Unemployment Training

If you’re unemployed or have lost your job, training offered through the UK’s employment system can help you re-enter the workforce. This is often offered by various companies dotted around the country, and allow you to get the necessary training for a new job. These programmes are often provided at no cost to you and are completely free. 

Here are the main benefits of Unemployment Training… 

1. Completely Free 

Training is often completely free for you to attend, and some training providers may give you reimbursement for travel costs and food. 

2. Allows you to get into Employment 

Some training providers will help you to secure a job interview straight after your training, and here at Learner Engagement, we offer a guaranteed interview after your training has finished. 

3. Increase Job Search Skills 

Workshops and training will help you to improve your job searching skills, from learning how to create a CV, to developing good interviewing skills. 

4. Insight into Industry 

Unemployment training can often be given for a specific industry, for example Food and Drink or Warehouses, which helps you to gain background knowledge for a job that interests and suits you. 

5. Increase Industry Skills 

Once you have an insight into certain industries, workshops will give you training on that chosen industry, for example Food and Hygiene, and set you up with the right skills in order to get a job in this chosen field. 

Here at Learner Engagement, our aim is to provide high quality exceptional training services to individuals, helping to secure employment. Interested in what we have to offer, or want to find out more? Contact our friendly help team now!