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Common Hiring Problems and How to Solve Them

With hundreds of online job websites available, it’s important that you are selective on where and how you’re posting job vacancies. 

Here are some common hiring problems, along with tips on how to solve them. 

1. Nobody is Interested 

If you’re not having many applications for the job, it may be due to advert that you’re putting out there. The first thing that people see is the job title, so you may need to review this. Use words that are search engine friendly, by using obvious words. 

2. Interest but No Applications 

If you’re seeing lots of clicks onto your job vacancy but no applications, you may need to review the job description. Make sure you include all of the essentials, such as job title, location, role duties, requirements and most importantly – how to apply. 

3. Applicants Aren’t Qualified 

Quality matters above quantity when it comes to job applications. If you’re spending lots of time looking through numerous applications but none are of good quality, make sure in the future to avoid lengthy paragraphs and instead include bullet points, and also provide minimum requirements such as qualifications or experience. 

4. Nobody Is Seeing Your Job Vacancy 

It’s not enough just to post your job vacancy on your website, instead you need to post this in as many channels as possible. For example, LinkedIn is a great place to post jobs – as this is where people actively search. Also share the job vacancy on your social media profiles, and think about using specific job advert websites such as Indeed. 

5. You Can’t Attract People 

To attract and engage better candidates, it is important to build a good employer brand. Research shows that employers that invest in employer branding are three times more likely to make a good quality hire. This includes promoting your company culture on social media, and ensuring a positive candidate experience. 

6. The Recruitment Process Takes Too Long 

Reviewing CV’s, conducting interviews and checking references is very time-heavy, which some businesses don’t have enough of. However, it’s important to remember that good candidates will not be available for a long time. Recruitment may take some time, but when you have the right person within your company – it will make it all worthwhile. 


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