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Developing Personal Confidence 

Although confidence can be learnt, it is a state of mind rather than a skill. It takes practise to gain confidence, and can be done through positive thinking and talking to others. 

Confidence is an attribute that most people want to possess, and comes from feelings of acceptance in your body and mind, as well and belief in your own skills and abilities. 

What is Confidence? 

Confidence means having faith in yourself, and is a result of how we have been brought up and taught. We learn from others how to think about ourselves, and is also a result of our experiences throughout life. 

How to Improve Confidence? 

Although the aim is to feel confident in yourself, it is also worth considering how you can appear to be confident to others. Here are some ways that you can boost your confidence levels: 

Planning and Preparation 

People often feel less confident in new situations, but to boost confidence you should plan and prepare for the unknown, such as preparing for a job interview. You can also think about having a backup plan, such as if you can’t travel to an interview by car, are you able to get the bus or train. 

Knowledge and Training 

Learning to handle certain situations can then help you with dealing with these situations in the future. By putting theory into practise it will aid your learning and further develops your confidence. 

Positive Mindset 

Having a positive thought can be a very powerful way to improve your confidence. If you are in a situation that you are unsure of, convincing yourself that you can do it will mean you are less likely to fail. 

Keep Calm 

Remaining calm under stress or pressure is likely to make you feel more confident. To do this you could learn some relaxation techniques, such as deep breaths. 

Look at Past Achievements  

By taking a look at your past achievements, you will realise how far you have come and your past successes. This in turn boosts your confidence as you remember what you are capable of. 


Building your personal confidence is an ongoing process that will always need work, but once you are on the path to becoming more confident in yourself, there will be no stopping you. Another great way to develop your personal confidence is by developing a skill to get you into your dream job. Contact us now to find out how our free courses can help you.