Our Communities

I have been delivering the Level 1 Diploma in Employability to women from hard to reach communities in Birmingham. Working with amazing women who already speak 2 languages fluently and are trying to improve their English. Most of the women are busy mothers trying to run their household. When I ask them why they are doing the course, responses have been ‘I want to help my children with their homework’, ‘I want to do something for myself’ or ‘I want to work now’.

One of my favourite parts of the course is when we ask the learners to do a short presentation about one of their greatest achievements or something they really enjoyed doing.  This is where the group learn more about each other. I have had women talk about setting up their own social enterprises from home, going to the cinema for the first time, having lived in the UK for twelve years, passing their life in the UK test and passing their driving test. These are just a few examples of the achievements of the women in these communities. Women whom would not ordinarily access further education at college due to various time commitments.

Our network of community courses are growing and I am excited to see what it will lead onto.

– Fateha Begum