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Employer Information

We are a government funded business that offer FREE recruitment for employers, through a 3-week training programme.

The process is very effective and we have worked with many employers covering various sectors. We have recruited for Football Clubs in the past and have successfully recruited hospitality staff.

Our recruitment process is very successful and supports local unemployed people into sustainable employment.

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The Courses

We only ever ask for employer’s time and to interview the candidates who have completed the 3-week training course.

The course we run is a Diploma in Work Skills/Employability, these are the generic units that are covered and dependant on the sector we can add other units for the employer. Some of these units include: Conduct at work, Effective Communication, Applying for a Job and Health & Safety in the Work Place.

Employer delivery will also be included as part of the training for the different sectors, including sectors such as Customer Service, First Aid Awareness, Food Hygiene Awareness and Care.

Recruitment Process

  • Meeting with LETS

    We meet with employer to discuss staff recruitment specifics and arrange a timeline

  • Flyer Creation

    We produce a flyer to be sent to Jobcentres across England and outside partners. Our flyer contains all employer information and our hotline number

  • Sifting sheet

    Complete a sifting sheet with employer criteria to sift in suitable candidates

  • Assessment Day Sift

    Our hotline opens and we sift suitable candidates to be invited to an assessment day. A reminder text is also sent out.

  • Assessment Day

    Employer attends the assessment which usually lasts around 2 hours, they give a 5-minute talk to the candidates about the company and the job roles available.

  • Assessment Day

    Basic literacy and numeracy tests and group challenge are completed. The successful candidates will be chosen by the employer to start the training course.

  • Support

    A Letter is then issued to the candidate to start the training, we have various training sites in England.

  • Visits

    Whilst the course is being completed, staff form LETS make regular visits to the see the candidates. On the last day of the course an interview letter is issued and explained to the candidates.

  • Interview

    Week after the course the employer interviews the candidates. (You can also offer them work experience)

  • Feedback

    Employer to feedback who has been successful/unsuccessful. This is then relayed to the Jobcentres

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If you would like to discuss further or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting.