Youth Programme

Work Experience

Through our youth programme we are nurturing and developing young people through providing work experience at our community HUB. Young people get the chance to experience hands on work and see what the world of work is really like. We engage our young through learning which is relevant to each individual.

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Advice and mentoring

We are also working with Broadway Academy to support their pupils with employability skills and providing access to employers through jobs fairs and PHSE days. We also have community mentors who advise young people on pathways and personal skills development.

Creative Learning

To ensure we are helping young people to reach their full potential as early as possible we are also delivering a creative learning programme for young children aged 8 onwards. Through role play and problem, solving exercises young people are encouraged to think out of the box. Participants come from a diverse background which encourages young people to come together and learn and respect different cultures.


What our learners say

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    We have dedicated and experienced people to give the best quality training and support to our learners and employers.

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    Customer Service

    We strive to provide superior customer service and ensure that every client is completely satisfied with our work.

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    We give guidance and support to enable the achievement of qualifications, and development in learners careers.

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    We are committed to deliver outstanding training, and have an 80% success rate in supporting people into work. 

What We Do

We work with individuals to give quality training and qualifications, helping them to get into employment.

What We Do

Who We Help?

We work with local communities and disadvantaged groups to develop their skills. 

Who We Help?

Why Choose Us

We provide individuals with support and guidance, and have an 80% success rate in supporting people into work. 

Why Choose Us