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FAQs for Learners

FAQs for Companies

How hard are the Training Courses?

Learner Engagement training courses are deigned to help all abilities to learn the skills that they need to help them succeed in employment. We give everybody the same opportunity to learn.

How long is the Training Course for?

Our training courses last between 3-4 weeks. This allows you to gain the important knowledge that you need.

Will I be guaranteed a Job Interview afterwards?

Once you have attended our training courses and gained your qualification, you are guaranteed a job interview.

Are the Training Courses really Free?

Yes! Our training courses are all free to individuals that want to better themselves and gain new skills and qualifications, to help their employability.

What are the benefits of Trained Employees?

Our trained learners will have fresh skills and knowledge to allow them to carry out jobs properly and thoroughly, all whilst having the motivation and ambition to work hard.

How can Learner Engagement support me?

Learner Engagement has many years experience supporting employers and providing high quality training. We can support you by offering guidance for new employees on your business, and help you on your journey to get qualified staff.

How can Trained Employees help my business?

Our training courses are designed to recruit a workforce with the right skills to sustain and grow your business.

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