Social Prescribing Services

Social Help

We support in every aspect of life, from healthy lifestyle, employment, house arrangements or education.

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Social prescribing is a new NHS initiative that offers patients the opportunity to explore extra support taking into consideration the holistic needs of the individual. It enables patients to make their own decisions to improve health, wellbeing and independence.

Our Social Prescribing Service will initially receive a referral from your GP practice team. This will be followed up by one of our Social Prescribing workers, who will contact you to discuss the referral and arrange to a one-to-one meeting with you.

Together, we will be able to

  • Help explore what issues and challenges you have and what support you require
  • Help you identify and access local services and activities that can benefit you
  • Encourage you to plan how you will overcome your issues and challenges and meet your desired goals
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One to One Service

The Social Prescribing Worker will be able to offer confidential and a one-to-one service to link you with many services in your community to help. These may include:

Healthy lifestyle and active lives
Arts, music, outdoors and creativity
Befriending, counselling and other support groups
Immigration support and advice
Housing, benefits and financial support and advice
Employment, training and volunteering
Education and learning
Getting involved in a local groups and activities of your interest
Accessing specialities services and support

This service is free for anyone over 18 years of age and registered with a participating GP practice within a Primary Care Network. You can ask your GP or any member of the Health practice team to refer you to a Social Prescriber.

This Service is provided by Learner Engagement Training Services LTD (LETS).


LETS Ltd, The Hub, 251 Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham B21 9RY



0121 270 3630 and ask for the Social Prescribing team.