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How to Conduct Virtual Interviews as an Employer

You may be surprised to know that virtual interviews, conducted by video conferencing, have become more popular. They have many advantages, from saving money on travel to accommodate busy schedules, virtual interviews can benefit both employers and candidates. 

If you want your virtual interviews to be a success, here are our top tips: 

1. Be Prepared 

To ensure that a virtual interview has the success of an in-person interview, it’s important to plan ahead. Before the meeting make sure to re-read the job description and candidates resume and make a note of any questions to ask, ensure that you have a quiet environment and that the candidate has full instructions on how to use the virtual platform of choice. 

2. Make Sure All Interviews Are Aligned 

Before the interview takes place, ensure that all other interviewers understand their role during the interview, and ensure they are well informed of the candidate and position offered. Also ensure that they know the key facts for the organisation and position. 

3. Have a Strategy 

Before the interview takes place, think about the skills and attitudes that you want the candidate to hold, and be prepared with any questions that can allow you to dig deeper if needed. 

4. Ensure Strong Communication 

Although using video conferencing allows you to interview face-to-face, it is hard to get across the warmth. Ensure that candidates feel respected and valued, and keep them in the loop with the timeline for the hiring process. 


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