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How to Promote a Positive Work Environment

As an employer, ensuring that your staff are happy and motivated should be of the highest priority. A positive work environment allows for all staff members to work in harmony; individually and together as a team. But how do you ensure that the work environment remains a positive one? Here are a few recommendations for how to promote a positive work environment.


How to Promote a Positive Work Environment


Have Regular Dialogue

Speaking to your staff members regularly on a 1:1 basis is a great way to make your employees feel seen and heard. This can be an informal chat or an in-depth conversation about work or any other area. You may find that at times, business will get busy and finding time to speak to your employees is more difficult. But even a short chat to see how they are getting on, can achieve more than you may think.

Engage in Team Building Activities

It is good to take time out as team to engage in activities or games, whether that be twice a year or twice a month! This allows your employees to get to know each other better, strengthening their team working skills and communication. Team building activities can be anything from an Escape Room to a game of Rounders; or for a remote activity, you could try online games. Nothing beats a team game, especially when it allows your team to grow together!

Share Out the Workload

Ensuring the workload between staff members is equal is essential. If one team member is overburdened with work and another is not, it may cause stress for the burdened staff member. This could also be a cause of contention within the team. To improve the spread of workload, it may be helpful to utilise a task management platform in order to clearly see how much work each employee does. Asking your employees how they feel about their workload firsthand is also insightful for you as their employer.

Offer Additional Support

For staff members who are struggling whether that be in their personal life or work life, it may be an idea to provide additional support to help improve their wellbeing. This could be more regular 1:1 sessions to check in on them or, signposting them to external organisations that can offer more specified support. Taking a genuine interest in your employees and their welfare is a positive reflection of yourself as their employer and the kind of business you run.

Your employees are the most important part of your business so be sure to support and encourage them for a greater, more positive work environment. If you would like help with recruiting or would like to train your employees, be sure to contact us.