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How to Stay Motivated Whilst Looking for Employment

The current circumstances have created difficulty for some businesses causing employers to reduce their staff, leaving many unemployed. If you are currently looking for work you may find that, depending on your field, there are a reduced number of jobs than usual. Sending out application after application without any job offers, can be demotivating and can even make you feel like giving up. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated whilst looking for employment.

How to Stay Motivated Whilst Looking for Employment

Look at Success Stories

Success stories are a great motivational source as they show you how far others have come in difficult times. There are many famous examples of people who have been through difficulty and come out the other side; people like Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC and Oprah Winfery, one of the most successful women in the world. Although these individuals are famous, they were once normal people who had very real hardships. Maybe one day you could achieve success, just like them?

Connect with others

Most people at some point in their lives have gone through a period of unemployment (though it may not have been due to a worldwide pandemic!). Speaking to friends or relatives who have gone through a similar situation and asking them how they stayed positive and motivated, could give some much needed encouragement. Alternatively, joining online groups or forums with others who are looking for work can be useful and could even help you find more vacancies.

Surround Yourself with Motivation

If you find yourself losing motivation, try listening to motivational videos, reading motivational books, or simply looking at motivational quotes. Surrounding yourself with motivational content will encourage you to think in the same way and can even change your mindest. Having friends who motivate and encourage you can be a huge help. Support from people close to you can be incredibly uplifting when you are feeling down.

Upskill or Take a Relevant Course

If you don’t seem to be getting much success from your job applications then why not add something new to your CV by doing a course or qualification. Not only will you have a new qualification to your name, but your initiative will show your future employer that during your unemployment you used the time to upskill yourself. There are thousands of courses to choose from, many of which are free, so if you want to keep yourself busy and motivated then look for an interesting course in your chosen filed.

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