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How to Manage your Time

The phrase “work smarter not harder” is often used in reference to time management. Time management is an essential skill which when mastered, can be applied to both your work and personal life.

Whether you are working in Healthcare, Administration or even Retail, it is important to manage the time you have at work in order to accomplish your tasks. Doing so will make you more productive and reduce work related stress.

Here are a few great ways to improve your time management and increase productivity.

How to Manage your Time


Write a List

Writing a physical list can help you visualise your tasks and sort them into the highest and lowest priorities. Where writing a physical list is not possible, (for example, in a job where you are constantly on your feet) stopping for a few moments and making a mental note of the most important tasks you need to do, will be incredibly beneficial. This will prevent you from rushing around and allow you to remain focused on your most important tasks first.


Set a Time Goal

Once you have written out your tasks, it is wise to set time goals for yourself. This prevents you from spending too much time on a task and therefore losing time on others. For some job roles it may be difficult to specify a set time, especially if you are working alongside other colleagues, but by communicating your desired time goal, it can assist in the efficiency of getting the job done.


Avoid Distractions

It is easier said than done to avoid distractions as there are things that will come up during the work day that need to be dealt with immediately. However it is essential to avoid unnecessary distractions as if not, it can lead to procrastination. Saying “Not right now.” or “Can I have a chat with you later?” can but difficult but it can also free up time for your most important tasks in the long run.


Take a Break

To remain productive, it is of the utmost importance to rest and recuperate. Taking a break is not a luxury but a necessity and will allow you to continue working hard during the day. If you are under pressure on a busy work day or feel you are unable to take your full break, why not try splitting it up into two shorter breaks. You can then still take some time for yourself to have something to eat and switch off, without it affecting your work.


Ask for Help

When in doubt, ask for help! If you are feeling overwhelmed or fear you will not be able to finish a task, ask for assistance. There is no harm in asking for help as it shows you have used your initiative to get support with your work, rather than not completing it or making an error due to rushing it. Asking for help is far from a sign of weakness but a sign of strength and capability!


Managing your time is a skill that comes with practice and determination, but the benefits are lifelong! If you are looking to put your time management skills to the test in a great new career, contact us to see how we can help you to reach your goals.