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Key Qualities to Look for in an Employee

When hiring a new member of staff it is important to look for an individual with good qualities. No matter the job role, there are certain qualities that are universal, regardless of job type or field. It can be hard to spot some of these qualities from just a CV, so when interviewing, asking insightful questions can help when trying to find the ideal candidate.

Here are a few key qualities to look for in a potential employee to ensure they flourish in their role.


Key Qualities to Look for in an Employee



A good initiative is essential for any role as it ensures that an employee can think for themselves and complete tasks without having to be instructed. People with a good initiative are often resourceful and use the tools they already have to accomplish their work. To find out if an employee has a good initiative, setting a short task with a few instructions during the interview process, is a great way to showcase their initiative and thinking skills.



Being passionate about the job role is a very important quality as it ensures your employee cares about what they do. Having an employee with no passion for the role could cause them to struggle to stay motivated whilst at work. One way to see if an employee is passionate about their role, is to ask them about their previous experience or what they do in their spare time. Individuals with a passion for the field often have previous voluntary or work experience or even engage in some way on weekends!



It is vital for the wellbeing of your staff and yourself as an employer to have positive members of staff. A staff member that is negative or discouraging could eventually take a toll on other employees or potentially put off clients. We all have difficult days, but an employee with a generally positive attitude to work could even inspire other colleagues to be the same.  During an interview, asking questions about the person and their approach to work, can give a good insight into their attitude.


Willingness to learn 

A person who is determined to learn is the ideal candidate for any job. Even if the person only has a few qualifications and little experience, they still have great potential to progress. The best way of learning is by doing, so a new employee with a willingness to learn will get stuck in straight away without needing much encouragement. During an interview, asking the individual about the steps they are currently taking to improve their knowledge, will show how committed they are to learning before even getting the job.


So when looking for a new employee, taking into account these qualities will assist you with finding the right candidate for both you and your company, hopefully adding a great new member to your team.

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